We’ve Heard of A Rhinestone Suit, But A Rhinestone Car? You Gotta See This!

Nudie Cohn famously said that “real men wear rhinestones.” The tailor, who dressed Elvis and Glen Campbell, used that saying as a mantra. He made rhinestone-encrusted suits that epitomized a certain era of American fashion, when flamboyancy was the name of the game. However, Cohn didn’t limit his flair to cowboy-suit style. He also made cars that were just as glitzy. His designs created a signature look of freedom and individuality in true American West spirit. Watch as the Nudie-mobile glitters and glows with one-of-a-kind style.

Before Elvis was known for his “Nudie-suit” lamé, he was nicknamed “Elvis the Pelvis” for his shocking performance on the Ed Sullivan show. Click here for more memories of when Elvis took the 1950s teenage set by storm!

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