Worlds Oldest Foods We Still Eat Today

Can’t get enough of the fourth one…seriously, we gobble that stuff down!


Butter requires only one ingredient: heavy cream. Because of its simplicity, the condiment has been popular with cow owners for centuries. Although preserved butter is an unusual finding, scientists struck gold in Ireland. In a bog in Kildare, a large barrel of butter remained submerged in peat for 3,000 years.

Bone Soup

Known for its many benefits, bone broth is popular among modern health-conscious diners. Ancient Chinese people also used bones to make soup, according to evidence from archaeologists. An excavated bronze pot contained liquid soup and traces of bones that date back 2,400 years.


Fish holds a place of honor as one of the oldest-evidenced foods in the human record. In Kenya, archaeologists found fish bone fragments with marks from cutting tools. The bones were from a shocking 1.95 million years ago, indicating that fish has been on the menu for a significant part of human existence.