Woman Finds A Crystal That Looks Exactly Like A Chicken Finger

The crystal looks as if it needs to be dipped in some honey mustard sauce.

If you happen to be somebody that enjoys a good find, then you are going to love what Amelia Rude found. As the owner of Unbeadable Energies, a gemstone jewelry business, she has quite a collection of crystals. She also actively looks for them, but nobody could have expected her to find something so unusual. It’s more than just something to add to her 700 other crystals, it’s going viral.

Rude thought that the crystal looked a lot like a chicken tender, so she posted it on the subreddit, @forbiddensnacks. It wasn’t long before the post was popular but when it was put on Twitter, it absolutely exploded with a life of its own.

The crystal may look as if it needs to be dipped in some honey mustard sauce, but I wouldn’t try it. Rude explains her take on the situation, calling it a red calcite cluster. The mineral that makes up the cluster is calcium carbonate, one of the more common minerals found on the planet. It is the same mineral that makes up limestone and marble. It is known for the formation of crystals, and some people even use it as a form of natural medicine.

After Rude exposed her interesting find, it started a landslide of people posting pictures of crystals that look like almost anything imaginable. Rude is enjoying the fact that the “chicken tender” crystal is seeing a lot of success. She said: β€œI knew it played a pretty convincing fried chicken, so I expected it might get a thousand upvotes or so, but I was surprised when it took off the way that it did.”

This crystal looks a lot like a chicken tender to me!


It went viral when it was posted to Twitter.

There were other crystals that looked a lot like food: