If you love peeking through history then you’ll enjoy watching this footage in color from Berlin before World War I. Labeled as 1900, it might actually be a little later than that based on the soldiers uniforms and the lack of color film available in 1900. But, by 1914, for instance, several inventors had developed color motion picture film systems. The problem with color film how to display the footage and make the color consistent. It wasn’t until the 1930s that Technicolor became the new standard of color film and set the tone for how films were made.

In this early film footage of Berlin we see children playing, men drinking, soldiers marching, and the buses whizzing by. It’s wonderful to see the old advertising signs and architecture of the city while taking in the brisk bustle of the crowds. It feels a little like we stepped off a train and into another era- just for a few minutes. Have a look at Berlin before the Great War in color below!