The History Behind Several Classic Cocktails We Know And Love

From the Long Island Iced Tea to the White Russian, classic cocktails are here to stay. But, where did they come from?

Let’s be honest. Now that it’s coming into summer, a nice cocktail after work or at a BBQ with friends on the weekend sounds pretty good.

Nowadays, it seems like there are so many possibilities for cocktails. The names are getting stranger and more creative, but there are a few that seem to be staples of the bar scene.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

We recognize certain names, like White Russians, Long Island Iced Teas, etc. But where did they originate from?

Well, Weird History Food takes us on a deep dive into the different origins of some of our favorite cocktails.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

The list includes some of the most famous and iconic cocktail drinks to ever be made, such as the Cuba Libre, the Gimlet, the White Russian, the Long Island Iced Tea, the Moscow Mule, the Negroni, Mint Julep, and the Sazerac, amongst several others.

It is quite fascinating just how varied these origin stories can be. Some are quite shrouded in mystery, while others were happy accidents that revolutionized the bar scene. Either way, these stories are not to be missed.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

As the video explains, “From the Long Island Iced Tea to the White Russian, some mixed drinks are so well known they’ve become household names. But those drinks didn’t just spring into being, somebody had to come up with a recipe for every single glass of headache juice you’ve ever sipped and the stories behind some of those drinks are genuinely fascinating.”

Check out the fascinating boozy history behind some of our favorite cocktail drinks in the video down below:

What do you think of these histories? Did you know any of these facts already? What is your favorite cocktail? Let us know!

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