You Can Spend The Night At The House From “A Christmas Story”

Did you know that the movie was actually filmed in Indiana but the home is in Cleveland, Ohio?

Every family has its own holiday traditions, whether it is the time that they buy the Christmas tree, when they purchase their Christmas gifts or how many cookies they make. Perhaps one of the most notable Christmas traditions in many households, however, is watching A Christmas Story as many times as possible through the season.

Every time we watch this story, we have nostalgic memories that come back to our minds and make us feel like a little kid again. If only we had the opportunity to stay in little Ralphie’s Christmas home. Whether it is the leg lamp, the broken furnace or hiding in the cupboard so you don’t have to eat dinner, it’s all a piece of our nostalgic memory.

Did you know that the movie was actually filmed in Indiana but the home is in Cleveland, Ohio? Ever since 2006, tours have been taking place in that home but it is now possible to actually spend the night for yourself!

As many as six guests can stay at the home per night and you will stay on a private loft on the third floor. About an hour after closing time up until 9 AM the following day, however, you will be able to use the entire house. Plan to spend at least $495 per night and that price will go up over the holidays. If you actually want to stay at Christmas, you will pay $1995 on Christmas Eve and $995 every night from Christmas until the new year.

You should know that they did remodel the house so it doesn’t look exactly like it did when they filmed the movie. In the living room, however, you will definitely get that nostalgic feeling because it has everything right down to the BB gun!

You don’t have to stay overnight to enjoy some things related to ‘A Christmas Story’ in Cleveland. You can tour the house and visit the museum or gift shop, which is across the street.

You might even want to consider the 5K/10K run at the beginning of December in Cleveland. If you run, you can get free entrance to the house and museum.

You can see more in this video about the home:

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