3 Ways To Decorate With Pool Noodles This Christmas

We’ve collected some cute and clever ideas using pool noodles of all things.

‘Tis the season for all things Christmas and holiday-related. While we love putting up the tree and decorating the mantle, we’re also big fans of sprucing up the outside of our house too. We’re not just talking lights here, we’re talking front porch, driveway, the whole shebang. We’ve collected some cute and clever ideas using pool noodles of all things. Go ahead and check out these fun project ideas below!

Candy Cannes

This is such a simple idea, and yet we’ve never thought of it before. Simply take red pool noodles and ad a swirling stripe with white duct tape. Then, bend the noodle and secure with fishing wire. Finally, pound a tension rod into the ground and stick the pool noodle turned candy cane on top. There you have it!

Joy Sign

Here’s another super simple idea using pool noodles, garland, and a strand of Christmas lights. First, assemble your letters. For the J, simply bend the pool noodle and secure it with fishing wire. For the O, take 2 pool noodles and tape them together on the ends to form a circle. For the Y, cut a pool noodle at an angle and hot glue it to the remaining part of the pool noodle, about 3/4 of the way up. Then, wrap garland around each letter, followed by lights. Didn’t this project turn out great?

Cute Elf Decor

For this adorable project, you’ll need some festive knee-high socks, a pool noodle, and stuffing or plastic bags. Stuff the feet of the socks with either polyfill or plastic bags, and then cut the pool noodle to size and insert into the socks to form the legs. Then, top it off with a cute little elf hat!

Get the full instructions and supply list in the video below!