If you can remember acoustic megaphones and cheerleaders in saddle shoes then chances are you remember the Good Old Days when cheerleading had a very different feeling from today. Modest outfits, boys on the squad, and wholesome attitudes defined cheerleading squads in the days before professional sports teams took this athletic pursuit to another level. Have a look back with us at the early days of college and high school cheerleading as we remember it!

High school cheerleaders in saddle shoes, Florida, 1947. Via/ Flickr
Fillmore, Utah, cheerleaders at football game in 1943. Via/ U.S. National Archives
Washington, D.C. Cheerleader at Woodrow Wilson High School, 1943. Via/ Library of Congress
1954 cheerleader in Hollywood, Florida. Via/ State Archives of Florida
1940s Florida State University cheerleaders. Via/ State Archives of Florida

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