Many of the celebrity collections we often hear about are sports cars, fashion items, or expensive gems. But, some celebrities have surprising collections of vintage or antique items. You’d never guess that these stars were so interested in history! Have a look at these surprising collections below!

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West paid a huge sum for Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ Cartier watchrecently at an auction.

Via/ Wiki Commons

The reality TV star and fashion icon was reportedly looking for a piece of jewelry that wasn’t too ostentatious after having been robbed in Paris.

Via/ Christie’s

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has a major thing for vintage typewriters and has a large collection of them.

Via/ Shutterstock

Hanks has even taken to responding professionally in typed letters, complete with all the (lovable) idiosyncrasies that come with these old beasts.

Via/ Flickr

Nicole Kidman

The actress is known to have an extensive collection of coins, some dating back into antiquity.

Via/ Wiki Commons

Kidman also collects black and white photography.

Via/ Wiki Commons

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan went through a major teacup phase, many of them the floral and gilt designs we associate with stuffy English tea parties.

Via/ Wiki Commons

As evidenced by his secret Hong Kong house tour from 2011, the star had a huge collection. While he had at one point more than 1,000 collectible teacups, the action star advises against collecting too much of any one thing since one’s tastes can change rapidly!

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