The Most Common Causes Of Death Throughout History

An estimated 110 billion people have died throughout human history, and David Goldenberg from MinuteEarth explains the most common killers to date.

Who ever thought that we’d ever live through a global pandemic? Things like plagues and stuff were only a thing of the past before modern medicine or something that we only see in apocalyptic films.

But as we’ve seen in recent times, illnesses can definitely be a dangerous thing. But illness isn’t the only danger facing humans.

Photo: YouTube/MinuteEarth

In fact, there are many ways that humans can die, and David Goldenberg from MinuteEarth went into detail regarding the most common causes of death during specific historical eras.

These eras include Prehistory, the Agricultural (Neolithic) Era, the Urbanization and Trade Era, and the Current Era – and each of these particular times in history has its own specific causes as well!

Photo: YouTube/MinuteEarth

As Goldenberg explains in the video, “About 110 billion people have died throughout human history for millions of different reasons. Some things, though, have killed a lot more people than others, so we’re going to take a historical tour of human death and highlight how the common causes of death changed over time…or didn’t.”

While there might be differences throughout the eras, there do happen to be three specific causes of death that have appeared throughout all the varying eras. These top three would be homicide, childbirth, and malaria.

Photo: YouTube/MinuteEarth

Goldenberg further says, “Unfortunately,…three killers, which have been on a spree since the dawn of humanity, and have likely dispatched more people than anything else. The first is other humans; childbirth, which has killed more than 5 billion women throughout history…We know from ancient writings and anti-malarial adaptations deep in the human genome that malaria has been killing people since day one.”

Watch the entire video down below:

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