This Canyon Was Only For Royals, But Now Is Open To The Public

It’s easy to see why this magical oasis was claimed by the Dadiani Dynasty!

The lush greenery, deep blue-green waters, and hidden waterfalls of Martvili, Georgia, was once claimed as the exclusive bathing and vacation grounds for Georgian royalty. One look at this magical oasis, and it’s easy to see why!

This region in Georgia was once the cultural center of the country, partially due to the gorgeous Martvili monastery. The monastery served as the hub of clerical learning and administration for hundreds of years. Just a few miles to the north of the monastery, the Dadiani Dynasty built a vacation retreat. This put the Martvili Canyon right in the middle, thus cementing its claim as the royal bathing grounds.

The subtropical climate, along with the rich, moist, warm air from the Black Sea, creates a perfectly unique ecosystem. The plant and animal life found here is truly spectacular, unlike any other in the country.

Royalty or not, these days anyone is allowed to explore this magical paradise. If you happen to find yourself in that part of the world, it’s well worth a side trip to experience the Martivili Canyon for yourself!

See more footage of the canyon in the video below!

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