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For millions of Americans, each morning starts with a cup of coffee. Some take it black, while others add milk or cream and sugar, but more and more people are skipping the sugar and cream and adding something a bit more unusual, butter, and you’d be surprised both at the taste and at the incredible health benefits. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! Here’s the 411 on this increasingly popular coffee trend.

If you’re thinking about giving this a try, there’s only one kind of butter that will do: butter from cows that are grass-fed. American cows are often fed soy or corn because it’s cheap to do so, but cows do not naturally eat soy and corn, they eat grass. When cows are allowed a grass-fed diet, the meat and milk they produce are not only more natural, they’re also healthier.

Cows do not fully digest corn and soy, which affects the quality of their meat and milk, producing fats that are not good for the human body. Grass-fed cows easily digest their food and this is reflected in their products.

When cows consume the healthier grass-based diet, they produce healthier fats for our meat and milk. Healthy fats can help us reduce cholesterol and offer key nutrients like omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin K. All of these may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Grass-fed butter also gives the brain a boost. Healthy fats play a role in cellular and hormonal health, boosting brain function and overall energy. With a boost in cognitive function, you may feel more energized and alert. And the fat from the butter, rather than the sugar from milk or cream, can help the body to burn energy from fat, rather than carbohydrates, which is why butter coffee is a part of popular weight loss methods.

When you add grass-fed butter to your morning, your body will be better prepared to burn fat throughout the day, which may help you achieve your weight loss goals. While eating butter alone won’t help you shed the pounds, it may help you get on track to losing weight.

Check out the video below to see a recipe for how to make this healthy and delicious morning coffee!

Add two tablespoons of grass-fed butter to your morning coffee. You’ll get essential nutrients and calories without a ton of carbs that would go unused and get stored as fat.

Are you ready to add grass-fed butter to your coffee?

If you’re looking for a recommendation on grass-fed butter, a popular brand is Kerrygold, an Irish dairy company that is not only healthy but also high quality. Two tablespoons of grass-fed butter in your morning coffee will give you a healthy morning boost.

Try making the switch and see how it changes your morning routine. The rich creamy taste will not only stimulate your taste buds, but it may help you lose weight and feel even more energized.