Watch This Bus Get Transformed Into An Adorable Tiny Home!

It’s amazing all of the thought and ingenuity that goes into designing these spaces!

The tiny home trend is here to stay, and we for one, love watching everything come together! It’s amazing all of the thought and ingenuity that goes into designing these spaces and then bringing everything to life. If you love a good tiny house transformation, then keep reading!

Living The Dream

Gloria had one goal in mind when she purchased this shuttle bus: turn it into the tiny home of her dreams. Surprisingly enough, the bus was less expensive than buying a big van. Plus, there’s the added benefit of extra height and width. It was a great buy and went a long way towards keeping within the budget.

It’s truly incredible to see the vision behind these kinds of projects, and beyond impressive to watch someone actually accomplish their goal! Looking at the photo on the left of the gutted bus, it’s hard to picture what this space could look like. People like Gloria truly amaze us in her ability to see the potential in a space as well as make her dream come to life.

After gutting the bus, Gloria started from scratch. With the help of her father, who is a contractor, they put in all of the electrical, plumbing, and cabinetry themselves. This tiny house has a living room space, a kitchen, a bedroom, a closet, and a shower. Gloria decided to keep everything in the front of the bus the same – same seats, electronics, etc. She drives the bus around to different locations, enjoying her freedom!

Without further ado, let’s take a tiny tour of the tiny house! If you follow along with other tiny house stories and transformations, you probably know that most of these projects have names. This bus is named the Lavender Moon Bus. Go on and check it out!


First stop at the front of the bus: the shower. True to its name, the shower is pretty tiny. Since everything was custom-built, Gloria decided she didn’t need a lot of space to shower since she’s barely over five feet tall. There’s no toilet in this tiny home, but Gloria says she usually parks the bus next to places that have public facilities. She does have a back-up plan if she gets desperate – a five-gallon bucket filled with cat litter that she can empty out. She says she hardly ever uses it, and that the sacrifice is well worth her independence and the lifestyle she has out on the open road.


Next up, we have the kitchen. It may look small, and sure, when compared to the massive kitchens found in regular homes, it’s pretty tiny. But this space has a few surprises that make it bigger than it might seem at first.

As you can see in the photo below, the top of the counter opens up to reveal a fridge. This multi-functional mindset is exactly the kind of thing that can make or break a tiny house project. Gloria really gets it! Another space-saving trick Gloria has is using either a propane or butane fueled burner instead of having a full oven and stove. Sure, the options for having a homecooked meal may be restricted a little by not having an oven, but Gloria is content with the options available to her with the burners and fridge. There are other hidden storage spaces within the kitchen, including a slot to store a fold-out table and collapsable chairs.

Lounge Area

There’s a comfy bench seat by one of the large windows with plenty of pillows that is a perfect place to read a book and sip some tea. Gloria says she loves sitting by the window on a sunny day. The top of the window opens, which allows for a nice breeze inside of the tiny home, especially when she has a fan going. Doesn’t this look so cozy?


Gloria says this is her favorite space in her tiny home, and we have to agree. This bed looks so comfy and cozy, no wonder it takes up a huge portion of the bus! Aside from the comfort of the soft mattress and the mountain of pillows, this space is home to a very important detail that Gloria says a lot of people forget about – the dirty laundry pile! People who live in tiny homes don’t have the luxury of organizing their clothes into piles on the floor (or maybe that’s just us). The headboard actually opens up to reveal a slot that leads to a bin under the bed. Gloria can toss her dirty laundry back there and pull the bin out when it’s time to do laundry.

While the windows are wonderful during the day to let the sunlight in and get a nice breeze flowing, it’s important for Gloria to have privacy, especially at night. She had custom window covers made that velcro right on to the windows. They are insulated, so it helps regulate the temperature all throughout the night.

Get the full tour in the video below!

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