Nothing Says Christmas Like Burl Ives and a Bunch of Elves

You know Christmas is coming when you hear this song!

Every year since the claymation Christmas special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, came out in 1965 folks young and old have delighted in the sights and sounds that really make it feel like Christmas. Most noteably, Burl Ives and his singing have been holiday staples for decades in many homes across the U.S.

There’s just not much else which really says,”Christmas is here” quite like the combination of Burl Ives and the happy little elves of Santa’s workshop singing together. The song “Holly Jolly Christmas” is one of our favorites and the song, while it has been covered by many different artists, is best in its Burl Ives form. The song was written in 1962 and first released on vinyl with awkwardly fast-paced rendition sung by the Quinto Sisters, which is perhaps an acquired taste.

Have a listen to Burl Ives in the wonderful video below and be prepared for a little holiday cheer to come your way.