Brighten Up Your Day With These Gorgeous Lamps!

Brighten Up Your Day With These Gorgeous Lamps!

from: Maria Merrill Maner: “Can anyone tell me something about this lamp? I bought it recently at an antique/consignment shop “

from: Rob Silversides: “I bought two of these lamps for $25. At a yard sale. I took them to a local antique shop that placed the bobochet at at least $300/pc. The bases are not original, the 7” crystal drops are irreplaceable. I’m having them cleaned, rewired, and restored with faceted crystal drops from the same period. The people I took it to thought they might be turn of the century Italian crystal rewired in the 40’s or later. “

from: Marty Copeland: “Can anyone tell me about this lamp? The word Germain is on the base.”

from: Charlotte Sheppard Smith: “Whale Oil Lamp”

from: Janet Orndoff: “As requested, here is a photo of the lamp unlitĂ–that I posted earlier lit. “

from: Ashlon Selby: “Can anyone tell me about this lamp or give me an address of someone that can appraise it? There are 125 glass prisms. The base is pewter and there is some marble there. Sitting on the base are four cherubs. There is a design on the base of harps, fiddle, and little Angels/Cherubs.”