Growing up watching iconic shows like I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeanie, and Bewitched we got accustomed to seeing these same sets each week. The sets even began to feel not unlike the friendly houses of your friends and neighbors. But, even though we watched every week there were a lot of things about some of these sets that may not have made a lot of sense. That’s because concessions had to made by the set designers to accommodate colors or other factors. Even though they weren’t filmed at real houses, each set had a certain layout of a home it was mimicking on screen. One thoughtful YouTuber has a channel devoted to looking into the floor plans of these iconic TV homes and today we’ll be looking at the set of Bewitched with her.

Via: ABC Television/Wiki Commons

Marina Coates’ channel is all about those wonderful TV houses we grew up. She is clearly a big fan of these designs and digs into the history of the shows and their production.

But, she goes one step further by making 3D animations of the floor plans and interiors of the sets as they were intended to be seen, as whole houses or apartments. This gives a brand new perspective on what it would have been like to live inside these fictional TV homes- had they been real that is.

Via: Marina Coates/YouTube

In the case of Bewitched the colorful set was filled with emblematic 1960s design moments. But, Coates said she chose to focus on season 3 as the first 2 seasons were filmed in black and white and then colorized decades later. These colorized episodes do not give a true sense of the colors used for the set furnishings.

As is the case with many of our favorite old TV shows the outside of the house does not match with the interior. It was common practice of the era to pick a nice-looking home to represent the outside and to even possibly film some scenes there. But, when creating the sets the designers created what they thought would be appealing to viewers instead of reflecting the real floor plans of the homes they had filmed the exterior shots of.

Via: Marina Coates/YouTube

Thus Darren’s den in the front of the house not only has a lot of weird angles that probably wouldn’t be drafted in a real home, it also doesn’t contain the bay window that we see from the street. There were a few other oddities about this set that Coates found as well, such as a painting that kept reappearing in various rooms, even within the same episode. But, despite the fact that the set crew seemed to always be making changes to the appearance, somehow it still always felt like Darren and Samantha’s house.

The earth tone decor in shades of brown, yellow, and avocado was so evocative of the era. And, it’s so nice to be able to remember the show in this way. Watch the video below for a look inside the first floor of the Bewitched house (the second floor is in another video). Their home sure did go through a lot of changes over the 8 seasons it was aired!