Take A Trip To The Beach With These Beachy Keen Summer Memories

Memories of summer at the beach just stay with you. Even just going to the pool was a great time! Have a look at some of our most vivid summertime memories.

6) Sandwiches Packed in Wax Paper

Via/ Flicker

The bologna sandwiches did get fairly hot, but it didn’t matter. The number of times I can recall opening a wax paper pack while the sun beat down on my already-slightly-burned skin is too many to count. Those were the days!

5) Soda Pops

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If we were really good, Mom may have packed some sodas for us! This was always a great treat and often was kept as a surprise (as to avoid us asking for them in the car on the way there I suspect). Or, we might be allowed to buy one at the stand.

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