Take A Trip To The Beach With These Beachy Keen Summer Memories

Memories of summer at the beach just stay with you. Even just going to the pool was a great time! Have a look at some of our most vivid summertime memories.

4) Portable Radio

Via/ Flicker

A day at the beach wouldn’t have been the same without a radio. The bigger the sound the better! Sometimes we only used it for the weather report if we thought it was looking cloudy, but most of the time we listened to music. If we didn’t have any fresh batteries, we would just have to be content with over hearing someone else’s radio!

3) Ice Cream

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It was one of the best parts of the day: getting to buy an ice cream cone or popsicle at the stand! My favorite was always the red white and blue Bomb Pops! I would beg my dad to give me some change to go get one.

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