Take A Tour Of The “Back to the Future” DeLorean

Scott Schiller recreated the famous car and it’s incredible.

Scott Schiller is the sort of man who describes himself as a “software and hardware tinkerer.” These are the types of people who we love to watch on YouTube. Their videos always provide us with so much joy by giving us the chance to look at the world in a whole new way. Can you believe that this man has his very own version of one of the most famous cars in movie history, though?

That’s right. Schiller has his very own customized DeLorean and he is taking people on tours. It is not every day that you get the chance to see the iconic vehicle from Back to the Future. The tour was particularly special to Scott because he had not even had the chance to check out the finished product yet.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As you would expect, a build of this magnitude is going to take quite some time. In order to properly recreate all of the incredible contraptions that Doc had in this sweet ride, Schiller needed 15 months.

The replicas have finally been crafted so that we are able to see the finished product. Once you have had the chance to lay eyes on it, you are sure to be stunned.

It’s like popping in one of the movies and hopping into the car with Marty. Of course, that is not all. Fortunately for us, Schiller plans on continuing these videos and providing us with more looks at the DeLorean. We are certainly going to be holding him to that, as the description makes promises of things to come.

“There’s a brief demo of the time circuits, flux capacitor etc., starting the engine (audio is pretty muddled,) and parking after getting gas – all for the first time. This vehicle also has the plutonium chamber, and there are lots of other interesting details. I plan to do some more video about this Time Machine replica, of course, ‘in the future.’),” says Schiller.

That’s not all that he had to say, either. “This is a personal dream car, and I also hope to bring some surprise, joy, and delight to people who see it in person. So far, it’s been a hit. I like to think of it as bringing a theme park attraction to people, but in the context of where it truly belongs: on the road, and driving around!”

Hopefully, we are given the chance to run into this bad boy!