Back To The Basics – How To Clean Antique Porcelain

We love collecting antique statues and busts, but it can be frustrating when you realize that the collection you’re working so hard to curate is actually comprised of some pretty grimy pieces. Don’t worry, the good news is that, with some elbow grease, you can get your porcelain pieces up to snuff and soon your collection will be as shiny as a new penny!

In order to do a basic, non-abrasive once over, all you need is some warm water and mild dish detergent. You want to make sure to protect your fragile pieces from any sharp edges or places where it could get scratched and most importantly, if there’s already a damaged section on one of your items, don’t touch or clean it; take if to a professional to be fixed and he or she can tell you how to clean it in the future.

Howcast outlines the process for us, so get your towels, warm water baths, dish soap and paper towels ready, and let’s get cleaning!

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