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You Might Be a Baby Boomer If You Still Get These Pop Culture References

Everything changes with time. But, we remember an era when our favorite shows and fashions were commonly known, unlike these days. Talk about some of these pop culture references with young people today and they’d have no idea what you’re talking about!

9) The One-armed Man Did It

The Fugitive was one of our favorite shows back in the day and it seemed like the whole nation was watching for the big finale. The phrase about the one-armed man became a saying to mean someone who is elusive or mysterious. The character turned out to be the linchpin on which the whole series revolved.

8) If You Know What Tangee Is!

While the iconic color-change lipstick we grew up with never looked great on me personally, plenty of teens loved this product. The color often came out less harsh than other lipstick colors and the magical color-change aspect was a big sell for young ladies. While you can still buy Tangee, most young women these days have no idea what it is.

You Might Be a Baby Boomer If You Still Get These Pop Culture References

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7) “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch”

A reference to the many Westerns we grew up watching, you hardly ever hear this phrase today! The phrase was originally used as a subtitle for silent Westerns and grew to become well-known on TV programs (and beyond) when we were growing up.

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