You Might Be a Baby Boomer If You Remember When These 13 Things Came Out

Young people have never experienced life before these things became popular.

Kids today have grown up never knowing what things were like before modern technology changed our lives forever. But, we remember when these everyday things were the latest and the greatest. You might be a baby boomer if you remember when these items were introduced.

1) Pizza

Before there was a pizza joint in nearly every neighborhood in America, the concept was brand new and very exciting. The zesty sauce and novel shape made it a hit in every city.

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2) Automatic Transmissions

Back when manual transmissions were the norm, an automatic transmission was a luxury feature!

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3) Answering Machines

It was in the early ’80s that answering machines became affordable and became an essential device in most of our households.


4) Remote Controls

Getting up the change the channel was simply part of the TV viewing experience- that is until remote controls made the experience more convenient.

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