Rescued Cow Won’t Stop Crying Until The Farmer Shows Up And Opens His Trailer

Watch what happens when this lonely cows recognizes who is inside!

This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

Since growing up on a farm, Maybelle, a dairy cow, had supplied plenty of milk over the course of her lifetime. Her steady output was such that her owners didn’t want to reward the aging animal’s contributions by simply putting her down, which is a standard fate for older dairy cows.

Fortunately for Maybelle, her owners decided this very good girl deserved to spend her golden years at pasture.

So, Maybelle’s asked The Gentle Barn, a sanctuary for rescued animals with locations in California, Missouri, and Tennessee, if they could accommodate this hard-working cow in her retirement years. Once they happily agreed, Maybelle’s owners celebrated by giving this hard-working animal bath. Finally, Maybelle was ready to live her best cow life.

Unfortunately, Maybelle’s early days at the rescue sanctuary didn’t go exactly as planned, because this barnyard veteran seemed to have trouble adjusting to her new life of leisure. But the animal wasn’t just restless; she acted like she was in physical pain.

Rescuers knew this wasn’t true – Maybelle had just passed her physical exam with flying colors, nor had she sustained any injuries on the farm. Regardless, Maybelle continued to cry out in sorrow. Rescuers scratched their heads trying to figure out what was wrong.

Finally, sanctuary workers realized this heartbroken old gal was actually just lonely. “In my experience, with all the cows we have taken into The Gentle Barn the only reason they ever cry like that is that they are looking for a baby,” sanctuary founder Ellie Laks explained to The Dodo. As it turned out, Maybelle had left her calf behind.

The Gentle Farm reached out to Maybelle’s previous owners to arrange a reunion, which caused everybody involved to tear up a little. Our favorite part Maybelle’s response when rescuers open up the trailer with her calf inside. Check out her priceless reaction in the video below!