The Mesmerizing Process Of Making Antique Spoon Rings

Do you remember spoon rings? This is how they are made!

Spoon rings originated in the 17th century, when flatware was highly prized, usually made out of silver, and sometimes adorned with gems. Spoon rings became popular among the servants and working poor since they couldn’t afford much jewelry, let alone engagement rings.

Making rings our of fancy flatware was an easy and more affordable solution.

Spoon rings grew in popularity again in the 1960s, and have continued to be a hot commodity, especially in boutiques and Etsy shops.

You have to agree, these rings are absolutely gorgeous! These particular rings come from an Etsy shop named Steady Craftin. The craftsman himself gives us a tutorial on how he makes these stunning rings. Keep reading to see the fascinating process.

First things first, you have to have the right tools. The Etsy shop owner confesses that at first, he tried a few different methods to make these spoon rings, but his first few attempts took over two hours per ring. The labor plus cost of materials just didn’t make sense with the price he had set for the rings.

So, he did some research and procured this Pepe Tools Ring Bender. He even came up with his own sizing chart and figured out that he needed to replace the metal jaw with a nylon one, thus being careful not to scratch the metal of the ring.

Next, of course, is picking the right kind of silverware. You can find all sorts of fascinating patterns at antique stores or thrift stores. The Etsy shop owner suggests finding a set from an individual seller and asking them for a deal for the whole set, rather than buying pieces individually.

Once you have your silverware of choice, snip off the end with a pair of bolt cutters. Next, make sure to sand down that sharp edge. Then, it’s time to put the metal into the ring bender! It’s quite fascinating to see this whole process, how he bends the rings and manipulates the metal with a rubber mallet that he refers to as, “The Negotiator.”

Watch the video below to see the whole process! Share if you remember spoon rings, or if you still wear a spoon ring!