BBC’s “Antique Roadshow” Discovers David Hockney Painting Worth $35,000

The owner wasn’t sure if the painting was an original or not.

When you watch Antique Roadshow, things can go in one of two different directions. Either the person is going to be thrilled with what they are told or they are going to be disappointed.

For one man on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, it turned out to be a surprise worth $35,000.

Photo: Flickr/Chic Bee License: CC BY 2.0

The owner of the painting, who remained anonymous, brought it in for evaluation and appraisal. Upon investigation, the art specialist, Rupert Maas said it was likely worth $15,000. He then upped his estimation to well over $35,000.

Hockney is known for painting Los Angeles swimming pools. Most people familiar with his work will know him for his muted green color pallets.

Photo: YouTube/NG TV

This particular painting, however, showed a lot of color. It isn’t what they are accustomed to seeing from David Hockney, but that was because he was still a student at Bradford School of Art.

According to the episode, the vintage landscape painting was obtained when Hockney met the owner’s grandfather. The year was 1957, and they had Sunday lunch together, after which he purchased the painting.

Photo: YouTube/NG TV

This was confirmed because Hockney was traveling through the area at the time to take a closer look at what inspired John Constable, a romantic painter.

The appraiser had a difficult time with the picture because it wasn’t a typical David Hockney. He is familiar with his work, however, so he knew what an early Hockney would look like.

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