When He Finds Out How Much His Andy Warhol Collection Is Worth, His Reaction Is Priceless!

For nearly 20 years, Antiques Roadshow has given us interesting items, stories, and characters. One of the best reactions we’ve ever seen on the show took place when a man brought in his collection of signed Andy Warhol items. The collection includes a number of signed soup cans, a beautiful print, a group of signed magazine covers that Warhol himself doodled on, and a great story to boot!

From: Youtube/ Antiques Roadshow

After meeting Warhol in the 80s, this man not only got him to sign a bunch of Campbell’s soup cans, but also got to bring his family to Warhol’s art studio. He said he paid $125 in total for the collection that was appraised for up to $36,500, and the best part was that Warhol couldn’t cash the check for $125 right away, because the man didn’t get paid until the next week!

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