2700-Years-Old Toilet Discovered In Jerusalem

There was even a septic tank that was dug underneath it.

There are certain things that many of us consider to be everyday items. In fact, we don’t even think much about them until we don’t have them available. I believe that bathrooms fall into that category.

It wasn’t always a fact that toilets were an everyday item. In fact, thousands of years ago, they were quite a luxury. Perhaps that is why so many people were surprised when archaeologists in Israel found an ancient toilet in Jerusalem. They think that it was in use some 2700 years ago!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the Israeli Antiquities Authority, the limestone toilet was found in a cabin that was part of a large mansion.

The mansion was overlooking the old city and the toilet seems to be built for comfort. There was even a septic tank that was dug underneath it.

Photo: Facebook/Israel Antiquities Authority

According to the director of the excavation, Yaakov Billig: “A private toilet cubicle was very rare in antiquity, and only a few were found to date.”

He went on to say that only the rich were able to afford toilets and the Rabbi had even said at one time that being wealthy is having a toilet next to his table.

Photo: Facebook/Israel Antiquities Authority

They took a look in the septic tank under the toilet and found animal bones and pottery. They were hoping it would give an indication of the diet of the people who lived 2700 years ago. They also wanted to learn something about the diseases of the day.

Watch the video below to learn more, courtesy of the Israeli Antiquities Authority: