Check The Attic Cause Your American Girl Dolls Could Be Worth A Ton Of Money

It seems like the 80s and 90s may just have been more awesome than most of us realized!

Growing up in the 1980s or 1990s was a very special time. there are many things to be nostalgic about in regards to those decades, including the American Girl doll. You may be so nostalgic about them that you even have some sitting around in a box somewhere.

If that is the case, you may just want to pull them out and dust them off. According to Apartment Therapy, some of those nostalgic dolls, made by the Pleasant Company that was later sold to Mattel, may just be worth a small fortune.

The Pleasant Company began manufacturing the original American Dolls when they were founded in 1986. Those dolls quickly became a success, with the names Kristen, Samantha, and Molly becoming very familiar names in most households. Now that we have moved forward to 2019, they are potentially worth a small fortune. “These children’s toys are worth a pretty penny these days on eBay, especially the rare, discontinued dolls from the original historical collection that bring in bids of nearly $3,000,” writes Jennifer Nied in the Apartment Therapy article.


There is no doubt that the collectible dolls could be worth money. Taking a look through eBay, you can easily find these dolls for sale, including an original Samantha doll from 1986 with a buy it now price of $3300. A Kristen doll is doing even better, having a buy it now price of $4995. Of course, the dolls will be worth more money if they are in mint condition with original packaging, paperwork, and accessories.

It seems like the 80s and 90s may just have been more awesome than most of us realized!