The Little-Known History Of Absinthe

The unique drink has such an allure to it, but why?

Absinthe is a misunderstood beverage and that’s why we are here to dispel all of the myths that are associated with The Green Fairy.

Tom Blank of Weird History Food has crafted a great video, allowing us to learn more. If you are anything like us, you did not know very much about this common beverage.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

We associate it with some of our wilder nights in college and we are sure that there are others who are already smiling and nodding. Of course, we can barely remember those nights but we had a blast nonetheless. The history of the beverage is lengthy and we did not know half of it.

In addition to the ingredients and origins of the drink, Tom also wanted to explore all of the cultural myths that have developed around it.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

Since it has been featured in movies and TV shows, it is easy to see why people have begun to get the wrong ideas. The drink has also taken on a bit of a renegade air since it has been banned in a number of countries.

In fact, United States residents are not even supposed to be getting their hands on it. This certainly adds to the allure, which is something that Tom was sure to touch on before the video even begins. He knows that the narrative surrounding absinthe is focused on its illicit nature.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

“Absinthe… There are few drinks that have the mystery, allure, and controversy of absinthe. Simultaneously touted as the hallmark of high society, and the downfall of the same, absinthe has had an unparalleled reputation. …Once banned throughout the United States and much of Europe due to its association with addiction and insanity, the beverage has made something of a global comeback,” he says. We never expected this comeback and that’s one of the many reasons we loved this video.

Even if you are someone who has not thought about the drink very often, this is a great oral history. Tom’s channel is a wonderful one to subscribe to as well.

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