Create Luxurious Ringlet Curls Just Like Stars From The 1920s

How A Few Strips Of Cloth Can Give You A Cool Retro Look

Have you ever looked at photos of women with amazing ringlet curls and wondered how they get them? How did movie stars manage those perfect curls? The secret goes far beyond curling irons or hot curlers and in fact doesn’t involve fancy equipment of any kind. If you want to end up with a head of perfect, Rapunzel-style curls, you may want to explore the retro art of rag roll curls.You probably associate hair in the 1920s with the cute, short bob. However, bobs were still a bit controversial, since older generations believed a woman should have long hair. So what was a woman who didn’t want to cut her hair to do to remain fashionable? Stars such as Shirley Temple and Mary Pickford provided the answer with their heads of long, perfect curls.

You need damp hair to do rag rolls. However, don’t worry if you like to shower at night. One of the benefits of rag rolling over using plastic curlers is that you can sleep on the rags in perfect comfort.

Wash or wet your hair, and towel it dry. Comb it out, then section off one section. For soft curls, your section should be about one finger wide. Tighter curls demand smaller sections. You can use setting lotion if you want the curls to maintain their shape for a long time.

Roll the end of the strand around the center of the rag, which should be about 1 inch wide and 6 to 12 inches long. Once you’ve established the curl for the end of the strand, roll the strand up toward your scalp. When you can’t roll it any further, tie the rag in a double knot. That’s it. You’re done. Now finish the rest of your hair the same way.

When you untie and unroll the rags in the morning, your hair should fall naturally into sausage curls. Don’t comb or brush them out if you like the look. Just fluff them a little with your fingers.Doing your hair in a retro fashion can be fun for everyday wear, and it’s necessary when you’re trying to create a true retro look. Have fun experimenting with simple techniques such as rag rolling to create a new look.

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