They say that everything comes back in fashion eventually, but there’s nothing like being there for Round 1. There are so many colorful (and sometimes regrettable) fashions of the ’70s. We remember being caught up in the trends and wearing some of these truly memorable fashions.

1) High Waist Skin Tight Bell-bottoms

The incredible contrast between the flare at the bottom and the snug fit of the waist made these pants truly unforgettable. These pants were originally standard uniforms for Navy sailors during the 19th century. Did anyone ever make their own pair of bell-bottoms?

Via/ Flickr

2) Iconic Shampoo

Who could forget this incredibly catchy advertising campaign? Apparently, it’s out of production in the USA but Jergens sold the formula to a manufacturer in the Phillippines so you can still order one if you’re missing that floral scent!

Via/ Vintage Ad Browser

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3) Trying to Walk in Platform Shoes

Some of us were good at this and some of us… not so much. The style really started with young women but at the height of the trend EVERYONE was wearing a pair. Wear them with your bell-bottoms and you’re the epitome of 70s style! How tall was your biggest pair?

Via/ Wiki Commons