9 More Brands We Definitely Still Miss from the Old Days

From food to shops to cars, there are so many greats brands that we wish were still around.

There are so many things we miss from the Good Old Days- certain flavors and products and stores that were unique to the era. But, brands get bought or changed and stores close, never to be experienced again. Here are some of the brands that we still miss even to this day.

9) Hi Ho Crackers

Some folks might argue that they are the same as Ritz, but for those of us who had a soft spot for Hi Ho, other crackers just aren’t the same.

Via/ Flickr

8) DeSoto Cars

They has such a distinctive look with the hood design and in the final years, the tail fins. There are still some DeSotos still on the road these days, lovingly cared for by classic car enthusiasts and they still look stunning in their design.

Via/ Flickr

7) Checkerboard Ice Cream

Just like magic, the ice cream was in (nearly) perfect squares. It made a lovely display for the table and came in flavors we don’t always see these days- like pineapple and orange together!

Via/ Flickr

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