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9 Facts About Emily Post (and Her Etiquette) That Will Surprise You!

Her name was once on the lips of nearly every middle class housewife and invokes images of perfectly served dinner parties and timely thank you cards.
Emily Post was born into a family with money and means and her father was noted architect Bruce Price. The young Emily attended finishing school in New York and met her future husband at a grand ball held in a 5th Ave mansion.

Post had access to the ritual and pomp that the burgeoning middle class could only dream about- a fact she would later put to good use. But, her life was not a simple princess tale. Here are 9 things you might know about the queen of manners.

9) Divorce Scandal

Post divorced her philandering husband, Edwin Main Post, in 1905 during an era when divorce was almost unheard of. He was reported to have had dalliances with chorus girls.

8) Independant Woman

More than 75 years before J.K. Rowling, Post supported herself and her kids by writing for a living. Though her family had some money, she wanted a career.

9 Facts About Emily Post That Will Surprise You

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7) They Stole Her Book

Etiquette- The Blue Book of Social Usage (now called Emily Post’s Etiquette) was ironically at one point the second most-stolen book from libraries, the first being the Bible. The manners of some people!

 9 Facts About Emily Post That Will Surprise You

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6) She Didn’t Just Write About Manners

Post published 5 books before writing her most famous etiquette book in 1922 (4 novels and one travelogue). However, none of them sold as well as Etiquette, which has never been out of print.

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