Have you ever found even one message in a bottle? There is a man who has found dozens and the really incredible thing is that he’s been able to track down some of the senders!

If you’re wondering how he was able to find so many there are a couple of reasons. One is that he goes beach combing regularly and the other is that he frequents the Bahamas, a location very well situated to receive the messages because of oceanic currents. His name is Clint Buffington, surely one of the more interesting fellows of our time, and he finds the topic of currents utterly fascinating.

It turns out that in the old days of seafaring and exploring sending messages in bottles was a way for sailors and navigators to track the currents of the oceans, leading to the knowledge that we have today about how the ocean currents move. Have a look below and check out a 132 year-old message in a bottle by clicking “Next Page” after the video.