There are so many ways in which our lives are better these days than they were decades ago. On the other hand, we miss some of the finer things from back in the old days. It seems like some of our clothes, manners, and entertainments were just objectively classier back then!

8) Outerwear

Not just coats but hats and gloves used to be crucial to completing the perfect outfit, regardless of the season. What we accessorize with today is not usually so graceful.

Via/ Library of Congress

7) Sit-down Dinners Every Night

Eating at the table is infinitely classier than eating in front of the TV – even weekday dinners were often more elegant than how most people eat today.

Via/ Library of Congress

6) Our Shoes Were Very Stylish

We might not miss the feeling of wearing heels everyday, but there’s no denying that they looked incredibly stylish.

Via/ Internet Archive

5) Hairstyles

Of course there is something to be said for natural hairstyles, but there was a time when ladies’ hair in particular was just so incredibly beautiful and styled to perfection.

Via/ Library of Congress

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