The annuls of history are filled the most bizarre facts that, for the most part, remain in the shadows. But, every once in a while you learn about some truly bizarre historical tidbits that really just make you think. Here are 8 strange history and science facts that we could scarcely believe!

8) Jujubes Are Named for a Chinese Fruit

We know them as candies, but the name comes from a Chinese date-like fruit. While the two may have nothing to do with each other in the flavor department, it’s fascinating to learn the real fruit had many culinary and medicinal uses across the world.

Via/ Wiki Commons

But, the candy flavors don’t bear any real relation to the fruit. In fact, the original flavors were lemon, violet, rose, mint, and lilac.

Via/ Wiki Commons

7) The Coast Guard Once Had Another Name

The “U.S. Lifesaving Service” was one of the organizations that eventually combined to form the Coast Guard in 1915. The other four were the Revenue Cutter Service, the Lighthouse Service, the Steamboat Inspection Service, and the Bureau of Navigation.

1908 Life Saving station. Via/ Flickr

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