8 Ways To Give Old Mirrors A New Look

We’re always looking for new, inexpensive ways to spruce up things we already have around the house!

We’re always looking for new, inexpensive ways to spruce up things we already have around the house. As much as we love shopping, we don’t love when we break the budget! We’re excited to show you a few creative ways to give new life to mirrors you have around the house. If you don’t have any mirrors you want to makeover, you can pick up some cheap ones and get to crafting. Go ahead and check out our list below!

Gold Leaf Mirror

Isn’t this just gorgeous? It’s classy and unique, and you’ll surely get a lot of compliments on this beautiful mirror! This DIY is deceptively simple. You’ll need a mirror, gold leaf flakes (which you can find at any craft store), spray adhesive, Mod Podge, and nail polish remover. Step one: spray the mirror with the spray adhesive and attach the gold leaf flakes around the edges. Step two: use nail polish remover to clean up the spray adhesive leftover on the mirror. Finally, use a bit of Mod Podge around the edges to seal the gold leaf flakes in place.

Sectioned Mirror

This simple design is a perfect complement to any arrangement you have on the wall! It adds a nice texture, plus it’s big enough that it has the effect of making the room feel bigger. Win-win! For this project, you’ll need several square mirrors (you can pick them up for super cheap and the dollar store), glue, and a slab of wood in the desired size you want your final product to be. Then, just glue on your mirrors and attach a wire on the back. Hang up your new mirror and enjoy!

Plant Holder

What a fun way to show off your plants! We love this idea as we’re always looking for more pots for our plants. Simply grab 5 square mirrors and hot glue them together in a cube, without the top. Place a cup in the cube and add your small to medium sized plant! This is such a fun look that will go with any decor you alredy have.

Distressed Window Mirror

How cool is this? We absolutely love this project. You’ll need an old window (or any glass object you want this look for), apple cider vinegar, a spray bottle, and mirror effect spray paint. First, use painter’s tape on the edges and any part you don’t want spray painted. Then, mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray down the glass. Cover the glass with a coat of the mirror spray paint and then dab the water/vinegar mix off with a paper towel. Finally, paint the back of the window panes with black paint to finish off the look.

Ping Pong Ball Mirror

Yes, it may seem a little odd to be glueing ping pong balls to a mirror, but we think you’ll agree the end result is spectacular! We love the texture this little makeover gives everything. The end result is an eye-catching piece that would be great for any room in the house! Simply spray paint a bunch of ping pong balls and hot glue them onto the edge of the mirror. That’s it!

See the rest of the mirror makeover ideas in the video below!