8 Interesting Things That You Might Not Know About The Queen Of England!

We were surprised to learn a few things we never knew about The Queen.

As one could imagine, there is probably not much mystery when it comes to the Queen of England. After living her entire life in the public eye, facts and events that relate to Her Majesty and the rest of the Royal Family have been poured over by fans from around the world. That said, we were surprised to learn a few things we never knew about The Queen from this clip by British Pathé. We’ll list them out below in case you don’t watch the video — which is a tad long (just under 5 minutes) — but if you have time, we highly recommend it! Featuring some great archival footage of The Queen, it’s well worth the watch!

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Via/ Wiki Commons

8 Interesting Facts About The Queen of England!

  1. She was born by Caesarean section. This was a very risky procedure in the 1920’s, and assured her mother would have a small family (including no male siblings).
  2. She would often pretend to be a pony as a young child! This probably explains her passion for horse racing!
  3. There were not one, but three last-minute problems at her wedding! A missing bouquet, a broken tiara and a missing piece of jewelry!
  4. There was no government minister present at the birth of her son, Charles. This broke a long-standing tradition!
  5. Her coronation was the first ever to be broadcast. Much to the dismay of Winston Churchill…
  6. She sent a message to the moon! Carried to the moon by the Apollo 11 crew, and deposited in a case on the surface!
  7. She spoils her corgis! She’s had more than 30, and they’ve all lived quite the luxurious lives!
  8. She holds multiple Guinness World Records. Including the record for longest reigning queen ever!