8 Brands and Products That Went the Way of the Dodo

These brands may be gone, but they are not forgotten!

They may have been sold or phased out for 20 or 30 years (or more), but we still miss these great products. These defunct brands remind us of listening to the radio with the family all together, eating yummy snacks after school, and family vacations packed into the station wagon. They just don’t make them like they used to! But, it sure is nice to think about those days, isn’t it?

8) Philco Electronics

Via/ Flickr

The name we all grew up with had a long history. Started in 1892 (the Philco name itself dates back to 1919), this electronics company made a little bit of everything: batteries, TVs, radios, record players, and even made consoles and tracking systems for NASA. This brand used to be everywhere, but the company started to decline in the ’60s and by 1977 had been sold. One of the most recognizable radios of all time, their “Baby Grand” cathedral radio is a beautiful reminder of the days when radio was king.

The famous cathedral “Baby Grand” design Philco radio. Via/ Flickr

7) Post Crispy Critters

The lion, the animal shapes, the fun commercials on TV. Crispy Critters had novelty when it was released in 1963, but less so as more and more kids’ cereals were being made in all kinds of shapes. There was a brief comeback for this cereal in the ’80s, but it was lights out for this Post brand after that. Have a look at this TV spot featuring Linus the Lionhearted Lion, voiced by Sheldon Leonard.


6) Oldsmobile

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Founded in 1897, Oldsmobile was one of the the longest-lived car makers in the world until it was phased out in 2004. How many of you remember how grown-ups used to talk about Oldsmobile when you were young? Oldsmobile made some of the most iconic cars in America, like the classic station wagon pictured above. Love that wood grain!

5) Burger Chef

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Who else remembers Chef and Jeff? Or how about the Works bar where you could build-your-own burger? A pioneer in the fast food franchise game, Burger Chef helped to create the successful prototype that other brands would soon follow. Bought in the ’80s by Hardees, they closed down altogether in 1996. Nothing else tasted quite like their burgers! Have a look at one of their ads featuring those two madcap characters below.

From soap to cereal to snacks, there are a lot of brands we miss. And, who could forget them? We used them every day, the flavors and scents unlike any others. There are times when it would be nice to have these great products back again.

4) Woodbury Soap

Via/ Wiki Commons

Purchased by Jergens in 1901, this company was founded in 1870. Well into the ’60s, this soap and shampoo line was selling to women across the country, though they also made other cosmsetics. Their soap slogan was “for skin you love to touch,” which seems more apt to be a ’60s invention, but was actually used as far back as 1911. Have a look below at two TV spots for Woodbury.

3) Kelvinator

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This classic brand made its mark on America, but somehow didn’t stick around. I know people who still call all refrigerators “Kelivinators.” Known for their innovative designs, this Electrolux brand developed a huge range of products. Known for the first auto-defrost freezers and the first side-by-side refrigerators, it seems crazy that you can no longer buy a Kelvinator. The Kelvinator brand was sold and became Frigidaire, although the name is still used for products sold in South America.

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2) Koogle Peanut Spread

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Better than Nutella, better than pb & j, this not-exactly-peanut-butter was was so yummy. Who else remembers this short-lived treat? And it came in lots of flavors, too- strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon. Have a look at this funny TV commercial for Koogle.

1) Screaming Yellow Zonkers

While they made a very brief comeback in limited edition form several years ago, this wonderful snack is pretty much gone forever. That taste! And they were fun to eat, too. While nothing can quite replace this yummy snack, there is a recipe here for making it at home, should you choose to accept the mission. Relive a bit of the good old days with that catchy TV commercial for Screaming Yellow Zonkers.

It may have been decades since we’ve seen them, but that doesn’t mean they are forgotten! It’s hard to forget the things you grew up with, especially if they were pretty darn good!

What is your favorite brand that you miss? Tell us in the comments.