7 Millennial Trends That Actually Make Sense

Some of them use good old-fashioned common sense.

Every generation has their own fashion and style and that includes the way we live. From household matters to big life events, when you were born can heavily influence your daily choices. While there are a number of millennial trends that don’t make a lot of sense (like clear pants), we found 7 trends of the younger generations that actually use good old-fashioned common sense.

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7) Fabric Softener

New market researchshows that millennials are not buying fabric softener at nearly the rate their parents do. Some say millennials don’t know what it’s for, while others acknowledge a growing trend overall to eliminate chemicals from the home.

This trend could be due to a number of other factors such as avoiding allergens and saving money. Not using fabric softener also has some purported cleaning benefits in that towels and cloth diapers are more absorbant when washed without fabric softener.

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6) Farming

For only the second time in 100 years the number of farmers under 35 years oldis on the rise- something we certainly need in this country. The appeal is getting to live in a beautiful setting and many believe that organic farming is one way to help the planet personally.

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5) Small Weddings

Much like our ancestors in the ’30s-’60s smaller weddings save money for more important things like buying a house or car – which may ease the strain of worrying over money.

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Plus, one study found that marriages that began with expensive weddings were more likely to end in divorce, though there have been various theories on why that is.

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