6 Scandalous Hairstyles Throughout History That Were Once Considered Shocking

These styles might not seem shocking today, but back then it was quite a different story.

Walk into a barber or salon these days and you can choose from any one of thousands of hairstyles, most of them perfectly within the realm of “normal.” But, travel back in time 150 years (or even just a few decades) and you’ll find that wasn’t the case. Hairstyles have always expressed individuality, but there most certainly were standards that set the tone. These novel hairstyles garnered quite a bit of guff when they first were created. Have a look back with us at 6 hairstyles that were once considered scandalous!

Via/ Flickr

6) Lunatic Fringe

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about how badly she wanted bangs when she was a teenager and how her mother flatly refused – even when Laura pointed out that another girl they knew had bangs. Before the ” dime sociable” of 1884, Laura finally convinces her Ma to let her cut delicate bangs, which she then curls using a heated lead pencil.

Laura Ingalls Wilder as a young adult. Via/ Wiki Commons

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