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6 Quaint Ways Young People Used to Court Their Sweethearts

We all know that dating in decades past was quite a different. But, centuries ago folks had some very unique ways of dealing with how to select a spouse. The strict Christian ideals of the era did not permit young people of opposite sexes to spend much time together.

Because it was sometimes difficult for an intended couple to get to know each other or declare their true feelings, these 6 courtship rituals emerged as ways around the largely sex-segregated communities of post-Reformation Europe and America.

6) A Thimble of My Love

Flashy rings and jewels went against the Puritan traditions that valued humility and service over outward appearances and adornments. But, anyone who collects antique thimbles can tell you there were some very intricate designs created prior to 1900 which would have rivaled a pretty ring any day of the week!

Young Puritan men in colonial America would offer their beloved lady a thimble instead of an engagement ring because even the most practical and humble of women could not deny its usefulness.

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