6 Myths About Buying and Collecting Antiques

Myth #4: Vintage Items Are Not Worth as Much as Antiques

In today’s market, mid-century modern is worth quite a bit of dough. Even things made from plastic can be worthwhile investments. Take for instance 1950s radios, Saarinen-Knoll tulip chairs, or the Mod mushroom lamps, which all currently have very good values among collectors.

Myth #3: You Can Spot a Fake Easily

Sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t, but there are a few clues that many pieces will give up if inspected closely. An “antique” breakfront may have gorgeous old-fashioned style, but if the joins inside the doors and drawers look cheaply made then there’s a real chance that it’s not that old. Finely made antique furniture should have high quality features like dovetail joints.

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