5 Foods You Had To Live in the South to Understand

Many Northerners don’t know what they’re missing with these dishes!

There are so many foods that remind us of family meals gathered around the table. These one-of-a-kind flavors hold a lot of strong nostalgia for most of us. And, if you grew up in the South then there are quite a few unique foods that you just don’t often find anywhere else. Here are 5 foods that definitely will bring back memories if you were raised south of Mason-Dixon.

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5) Creasy Greens

Sautéed with onions in butter or as a salad, creasy greens are a wild plant that bears a resemblance to water cress (hence the name). As one of the plants easily foraged in parts of the U.S. their mustard-like flavor adds bite to a meal in the spring time.

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