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22 Weird and Clever Ways to Reuse Mismatched Socks

11) As a Cat Toy – cut the toe part of a sock completely off. Fill with this component with catnip and then stitch shut for a cat toy your feline will adore.

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10) To Protect Shoes – when you have a messy painting job just slip socks over your shoes and then you can rest assured that your shoes will stay paint-free. You can also use errant socks to clean up paint spills.

Pro-tip: use a bit of window cleaner and a sock to remove paint from nearly any surface. This works any time the paint is not completely dry, even for fabrics!

9) Use to Add Texture – for faux paint finishes, an old sock can stand in for paper towels or high nap rollers when it comes to adding dimension and texture. Dab into your paint and follow your favorite faux paint finish tutorial for cheap and easy results.

8) To Add Freshness – fill an orphaned sock with potpourri to freshen up a closet, locker, or gym bag. Close by sewing the leg end shut or using a rubber band.

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7) To Erase – keep a mismatched sock by the family whiteboard to use as an eraser instead of wasting money on paper towels.

6) To Make Ice Packs More Comfortable – slip an ice pack into a sock to make it more bearable on the skin. This makes the ice pack more portable as well.

5) To Style Your Hair – cut the end off a sock and roll into a donut shape. Use this tool to help create a thick bun (with the help of a few bobby pins, of course). See the step-by-step in the video below.

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4) To Erase – keep a mismatched sock by the family whiteboard to use as an eraser instead of wasting money on paper towels.

3) To Help Vacuum – if your dusting brush is missing then you can slip a sock over the hose end of your vacuum to serve a similar purpose. Don’t forget to fasten down with a rubber band.

2) For Relaxation – fill a sock with rice and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Sew the end shut. Microwave for 1-2 minutes and then place sock on shoulders for soothing heat and aromatherapy.

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1) For a Deep Treatment – use mismatched socks for keeping feet moisturized overnight and keep your good socks from getting ruined with oily residue.

At least a few of these tricks are bound to help you around the house. Plus, you have the added benefit of no longer worrying about all those missing socks. Grandma would be so proud!

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