Back in our grandparents’ time nothing was thrown away that could be reused in some way! Spare items were repurposed into useful helpers around the house for all kinds of things. We would wager that fewer socks were lost back then owing to the fact that nearly everyone used the clothesline to dry their laundry. But, these days the dryer takes a sock or two as tribute pretty much every time we do laundry! For just this scenario here are 22 ways to put an orphaned sock to good use!

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22) As a Baby Rattle – fill a sock with some jingle bells and then sew shut. This soft rattle still make noise, but won’t scratch furniture and hurt when hurled across the room at another child.

21) Dust Rag – this one is obvious, but using old socks for dust rags or furniture polishing cloths means you’ll never have to pay for dusting cloths again.

20) Windshield Wiper Cover– if you know a snowstorm or ice storm is coming, placing socks over your windshield wipers can keep them from becoming covered in ice!

19) As a Storage Bag – small things like marbles, coins, or dice can be kept contained and safe on an old sock. Tie off with a string or a rubber band to keep the small objects from falling out.

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18) For Mothballs – hang a sock filled with mothballs as a preventative measure for your closet.

17) To Prevent Rings – A rolled down sock on the bottom of a jar or bottle in the cupboard can keep oils and sauces from dripping onto your shelves.

16) DIY Dryer Balls – place tennis balls inside old socks to create DIY dryer balls. Tie the ends with string to keep the tennis balls from escaping in the dryer. You could also add a drop or two of lavender oil for a nice addition to your laundry routine.

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15) To Keep Glasses Clean – by placing a sock over safety glasses in the shed or garage you keep them free from dust and oil and ready for their next job.

14) To Clean Your Windshield – keep a sock full of kitty litter (tied off with string or a rubber band) in your car to remove moisture from your windshield and windows with a quick wipe down.

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13) Fill with Soap – by keeping a bar of soap in a sock near the laundry or mudroom tap (or by the garden hose) you ensure you always have a bar of soap to clean up with and the texture of the sock will make getting grime off your hands much easier. Bonus, the sock will make sure the soap lasts a lot longer too!

12) For Cleaning Your Car – whether for detailing the inside or polishing the outside, old socks make great car cleaning cloths!

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