Commercials feel like they’re becoming a thing of the past. For most of us – mainly Millennials and Gen Z – we get our entertainment in the form of streaming services. That means that we don’t have to deal with the annoyance of commercials.

Honestly, I hardly ever watch regular TV anymore, but when I do, I find myself becoming very frustrated at the commercial interruption every five minutes.

Photo: YouTube/Gimmick Films

It takes me back to the days before streaming, when the main form of advertisement was TV commercials.

Now, most of our advertising happens in the form of targeted ads on social media or as YouTube ads. But, back in the day, we had TV ads as our main source of advertising. And let me tell you, looking back on what TV commercials looked like back in the ’90s is equal parts nostalgia and cringe.

Photo: YouTube/Gimmick Films

A great example of this is the 25-minute compilation of commercials which were aired on TV in 1997, on both ABC and CBS. The video was put together by Greyson Wyatt of Gimmick Films.

Some of the advertisers featured in the clip are still in business, however, there are a few that have either gone out of business or are no longer on the market.

Photo: YouTube/Gimmick Films

Greyson Wyatt wrote, “25 minutes of program-free commercials on ABC and CBS in 1997.” What a trip down memory lane!

Check out the video down below:

Do you recognize any of these commercials? Do they bring back nostalgia for you or are they cringe now that it’s twenty-six years later? Let us know!

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