If there is one thing that I think all of us enjoy doing, it’s having a good snack. It is a part of our life and if we don’t have them, we end up with a craving that just won’t go away.

Of course, we live in a world where snacks are commonplace so it isn’t difficult to find something to chew on when we have that desire. The problem is, it isn’t always exactly what we want because there are so many different choices out there.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

If you have been around for quite some time, you realize that some snack foods also come and go as the world changes. It seems as if that was especially the case back in the 1980s when snack foods were taking a very interesting turn.

Many of the snack foods that were popular in the 1980s were directly related to some of the more popular things that were taking place in the decade. This included a Kellogg’s cereal named C-3POs, or another cereal by General Mills, Pac-Man.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

Some of these have come and gone but there are also some that can still be found. For example, Jolt Cola became a very popular treat in the 1980s because it was similar to the other soft drinks out there, but it had twice the caffeine and all the sugar.

California Raisins were also very popular in the 1980s and there were snack foods specifically made for them.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic and perhaps even a little hungry at this point, I’d like to introduce you to this video. It was made by Rhetty for History and it shows many of the popular snack foods in the 1980s that made their way around the United States.

Some of these were such a trend that even though they are gone, people are still asking for them to come back decades later. Others can still be found, but you need to know where to look.


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