1967 Footage Interviews People Refusing To Comply With Drunk Driving Laws

The interviews took place at a pub in Britain on the eve of the introduction of the breathalyzer.

In a world where it can seem like it is very hard to implement any sort of new rule, videos like these remind us of something very important: It has always been this way!

Judging from this clip, no one has ever liked to follow the rules and they do not care if we know it or not. This archival footage that you are about to see comes from a British pub circa 1967.

Photo: YouTube/Robert Exley

It’s wild to think that this was over 50 years ago now. We are so far removed from this era that most of the young people from this time are probably not even drinking anymore.

The footage was shared on a news show and we cannot even begin to imagine how horrifying it was for the less thoughtless people out there. When the footage was initially taken, a new law had been passed and this was the first time that bar patrons were ever forced to grapple with the breathalyzer test.

Photo: YouTube/Robert Exley

At the time, this was unheard of. Of course, for most of us nowadays, this is not something that we even think about. Whether you have a designated driver or you use a ride-share service, there are no shortage of ways to ensure a safe night out on the town. In other words, you won’t believe what you are about to see!

“A current affairs show from 1967 talks to habitual drunk drivers on the eve of the introduction of the breathalyser,” the description reads. On the day in question, the pub-goers were given the chance to test out the new advice. The law was slated to be passed the next day, so technically, they could not be detained.

Photo: YouTube/Robert Exley

These folks took full advantage of this, as many of them blew over the legal limit and proceeded to drive home anyway. It is a terrifying glimpse into a world where people do not fear any sort of legal consequence for their actions.

Check out the interview segment below:

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