Watch A 1959 Advertisement For A ‘Luxury Smart Bed’

It looks and sounds exactly like the bed that we all needed during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns.

Technology has come a long way since the 1950s…or has it? We like to think that we’re living better than all the previous generations, but sometimes a blast from the past shows up and makes us question things.

Take this advertisement from 1959 for a high-tech luxury bed with a control panel. It looks and sounds exactly like the bed that we all needed during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns. After watching the advertisement, this bed is the only reason I’d ever time travel back to the 1950s.

Photo: YouTube/British Pathe

The vintage video clip is from British Pathé, and it goes into a pretty lengthy explanation of the many wonderful features that the bed contains which makes lying around in bed doing nothing that bit more enjoyable.

According to the advertisement, you can control the lights and curtains from the bed, as well as heat the bed, play music in the bed, and there is even room for a massage apparatus! But perhaps most impressive is the fact that there is the ability to make yourself a cup of tea right there in bed!

Photo: YouTube/British Pathe

As the clip’s narrator states:

“Check out this £2,500 high tech luxury bed from 1959! It is chock full of gadgets and everyday conveniences from the headboard to the foot of the bed, most importantly a space for your cup of tea.”

Photo: YouTube/British Pathe

Of course, the ad does stress the importance of not spilling your tea with its rather vehement explanation of, “Spill your tea on this cover and you’re a peasant. It’s made of velvet and champagne mink. You could spill the weeniest drop of champagne and the merest suspicion of caviar but nothing common like tea.”


Watch the video advert down below:

Who knew that people in the 50s had the chance to live like they were in the year 2022 with such an innovative bed. Would you want a bed like this for your home? Let us know!

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